Borderless Finance for Everyone

No geographic borders, no asset borders, and no technology borders.  Conventional, crypto, digital assets and banks from all over the world, accessible from anywhere in the world.  

Defining the New Digital Economy

Single Point of Access

Global access and network provide the needs of a connected, global economy. All your financial needs accessible in one place: payments, transfers, and investments.

Mobile and Secure

Merge the convenience of having your bank with you at all times with cutting-edge security offered by traditional bank solutions and digital cryptography.

Automated and Efficient

Complex exposure management and reporting are simplified with “If this then that” rules, built on digital rails which reduce transaction to seconds and fractional of current costs.

Use Cases


The challenge

A $1.09 billion market of digital-savvy customers growing at CAGR of 26.7% that is highly fragmented.

WEDEFI Benefit

Grow subscription with cross-platform engagement tokens that can be used as easily as other digital currencies.

Auto Loans

The challenge

A $570 billion industry underbanked, filled with fraud, and reliant on paper and manual workflows.

WEDEFI Benefit

Provide a digital network connecting lenders and borrowers, decreasing settlement times from days to minutes and massively decreasing the cost of fraud.

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Access the best bank offering for you from myriads of options competing for your money, tap into digital investments to grow your wealth, and pay and send money with convenience and speed.


Access new sources of capital to grow your business, automated balance management and tax reporting, and payment rails for traditional and digital currencies of tomorrow.

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